Let's Show our Work, or WIP!



I loooove your version of Joseph!


Thank you. He’s almost done and will be a birthday present for a very mature 9 year old. Her mom teaches my son’s Tae kwon do class.


Awesome! Some kids can care for their babies really well! My daughter painted a kit with me when she was 9, she is 12 now. She still has the baby displayed in her room.


I’m working on Sugar




im glad my video could help!! Beautiful baby!


Look at that cute face!


Thank you!


Started cuddle baby Aisha today


Wip. Making her for my daughter’s 4th birthday next month.


So cute!!


Thank you!


I love it!


Thank you!


1 of the reborns I am working on is Zion Webber with Natalie’s limbs

(Pictures are not true to color it is night time and I used flash and a light)


So cute!!!


Love the complexion…the soft pink lip color with the pink lace is gorgeous!


I’ve been working on this Landon for hours and hours upon days and weeks. I am really taking my time and trying to put as much detail as I can. It’s proving to be a challenge, but I enjoy it! I am now starting on my warming layers to bring this little guy to “life.”


@jlesser can’t wait to see, I have Zion with Caleb limbs.