Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Nevaeh almost done.
I am not sure I want to cut her hair… they are so soft ! It’s my second time rooting a full head.

Light is bad and dont do her justice


Wow, :astonished: Carrie~that’s amazing! Sculpting is just not an easy task, that really is an art form all it’s own~ can’t wait to see your progress, and even more so, to see it completed! bravo!:blush:


Nicely done, Idabelle! …even the eyebrows! Can’t wait ti see her all completed! :blush:


Oh how pretty in pink! Cierra! Another Beauty! :blush:


So, there it is, an hour later, after the hair cut. Boy or girl ?


Love how the hair turned out! Isabella~ kinda looks like a boy, but I think really, with a little hairipiece…itt could eaisily be a girl! Such a sweet face! :blush:


Thank you!


You are doing amazing!


Thank you Kim ! I see a boy too.


I think, no, Im sure those are the absolute cutest Gracie’s I’ve ever seen! Love them! :kissing_heart:


Thank you!!


I see a handsome little boy :slight_smile:


Thank you. :slight_smile:


If you don’t want to cut so much mohair off next time, you can cut the locks in half or thirds before you start rooting. He looks cute with his new haircut!


I will certainly do that next time, but this one I was not sure about my abilities to cut… so, much is better then less !


I’d dress her as a boy and a girl and then decide. She could easily be either.


@Bellybutton can be boy or girl!


Not quite finished yet, still waiting for the glue in her head to dry, but I couldn’t resist posing her to see what she’ll look like!


Someone had a trip to target today. It’s been rainy here, hope to get pictures soon.


Beautiful coloring, shading and reborning!