Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


ShoshoI hope to get better at this, especially since my Man and I Mortgaged the house on this lil project LMBO :joy: or so it seems…as this is my first doll… I am boo booing all over the place… I am in hopes the next one will improve! And, there will be a “next one” … I love this stuff! :heart_eyes:


Looking good!


In the photos your veins look good to me. The whole baby does.


Almost done. I started to assemble her only to realize I’d forgotten to root her lashes!


You are fast! I’ve gotten faster too but not that fast yet. Show your finished work. :smiley:


She’s so cute!!!


Thank you!




So adorable!


Thank you!


Thank you!


Thank you Estelle! :kissing_heart:


I’m finally getting back to rooting this bug, it’s been a few months and she was on a blanket, it seems some of her mohair broke off to about an inch so I pulled it out there are some little tails left that I’m just going to root over,

I’m not fond of the painting on her limbs so I plan on taking her apart and stripping her limbs and body again and painting them again they just look dirty for some reason. But it’s probably just my paint color choices and how they faded blah.


The back is incomplete but here’s so far…


Oooh! That hair :heart_eyes:


Thanks Estelle! :kissing_heart:


Very pretty! :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Your colour is so beautifully done .


My number 79 from my first kit to this one .
Another grabbed on sale kit .if I don’t root it this one should be finished tomorrow no big hurry have no idea where to put it :smile: .