Lets see your favorite picture!


Hey! Just wondering what everyones favorite reborn picture that they took was. It doesn’t have to be your favorite doll, just your best photography.
Please show us your picture with a sentance on why you like it the most (props, pose,lighting, etc.)


This is my favorite picture I have took of one of my babies. I really don’t know why its my favorite.


It was after I had gotten my lights and experimented with my borders and camera settings


I have a few, especially of this doll. I really love this picture though, I’m not really sure why. She just looks pretty lol.


Here is my favorite picture. I think she looks comfortable. lol.


I love seeing your pictures, they are all so adorable! Here is one that I’ve always liked…


this is one of my favorite pictures, just thought it looked pretty real.


Your pics are all so nice.

~A~ who is your siggy she looks like my grandaughter?


She’s a Lily Berenguer.


Well, it was hard to pick just one. but I really like this one. She looks so serene.


Here’s one of my favorites…Luca (Abby)


her is mine.loved using the mirror…


You ladies are some talent photographers!! I am going to have to start looking through mine now and post one.


These are pretty old but still some of my favorites.

This one just because of the silly kitty

Love the bubbles

Love the way the lighting turned out on this one


Here’s one of my favorites. Not sure why.


Wow, everyone has some really cute pictures!

Here are my 2 favorites:


Here is one of my favorites, I think it is the eyes, the way the light hits them makes them come alive to me.


this is one that i always liked shes the corey doll from secrist



What lovely babies!

My favourite is this Michelle, I love her newborn gaze.



I love this pic of Cristina (Teagan sculpt), not my best reborn (she was one of the first) but…I just love that pic

And I like very much this one too, she is Barbara (Sera sculpt), I love the amazing matching between pacifier and blanket…

I started getting pics of my reborn dolls, never before in my live I was interested on that…now, I feel it difficult but amusing.