Lets see them!


Lets see your fully done Precious Gifts​:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Precious Gift is my first and I’m still working on her, but I’ll share when done:)


@kareninflorida :wink:


Here is my baby Karen :heart: Due to being @kareninflorida 's favorite sculpt I made mine look like her :wink:


Thank you.


Oh my god they are beautiful!!!


Ok im looking forward to it☺



Love this sculpt this is my 3rd one and I have one more for later. good luck on yours. :grin:


That one is so cute Jenni.


Lol @kareninflorida can probably show you 30!


WHAT!!! Did someone say PRECIOUS GIFT??? My favorite sculpt of all-time!!! :smile: Here you go:

@bebe Jacqueline made a GORGEOUS Precious Gift, hope she’ll be by to share! :heart:

And @jlesser Jenni, of course I LOVE yours! :heart_eyes:


Oh my goodness​:heart::heart::heart:



I don’t think I had seen your little one in the elephants yet! Stinking cute and those pants with fake shoes! LOL


My Precious Gift is a cuddle baby for sale on ebay. I call him Winston.





I love the clarity of your pics!


@kareninflorida Thanks, Karen, you are too sweet, as usual. I love yours!

Here are a few pics of mine: