Lets do a baby togeather!

We are going to be doing the new grey/peach vinyl kits -But anyone is welcome to join in !!! Any kit is fine -if it isnt the grey/peach then you will skip that neutrilizing part-This is ment to be fun and for all who want to join in -mabe somewhere down the line we well all do the same kit but for this go round -lets make this fun for all!!!

Thats a great question and I think we well just start a new thread on the 15th and I well tell what I am doing and others can log on thru that day and do the same -
we well start with preping the vinyl and then neutralizing the grey -which is several steps and bakes -if you are not doing a new BB kit then you can share what kit vinyl color you are using and how you are correcting it (or ask everyone for help if needed)
I think before and after color correcting pics would be wonderful at this point !!!
I am not trying to teach but share what I know and learn from others as well-just looking to have some fun here at BB !!!

We well NOT be useing skype this time and if you dont want to do any neutralizing thats fine ,we would love to see your work as you go too!!! everyone is welcome !!!

so are you gonna have your thread on here? Im a newbie just getting my stuff togather but i read this thread everyday. you ladies are so friendly and helpful. i did get a cozy and gabriel today for 24.95 on todays deal but i dont have my work place ready yet. but i will be watching and reading if you have it on here. Linda

Yup it well be here!!!

cool, I can’t wait to start! I think I will be doing Nod. I just got him in yesterday and he is pretty gray in color. So I will need to neutralize him I think. I have never had to do that before.

Yea !! sounds like we well have fun!!!

I just ordered a Cozy (a seconds). Some folks mentioned they were going to do her, so I thought it would be fun to see each others progress.

Yea Denise!!!
Thurs is the 15th so everyone should have their babies by then …BB is fast so thats plenty of time …We are going to really have fun!!!

I’d like to join too and already have a cozy waiting to be reborn. Thanks!

I have ordered Gabriel, He is on his way! This sounds fun, can’t wait. I just have one question, I have limited time to work on the babies in the evening only how will that work out?

Thank you all for playing along this should be very fun!!!
Remember that when this is all done we well need someone to post pics and set up a voteing pole
anyone willing to do that???

We will start on the 15 which is next thurs. I will prep the kit for painting -and do the neutralizing washes
Flesh coats and motteling the next day
veins/capaliries blushing and creases on mon
details tues and skin texture on wed
Thrus will be hair lines and hair mapping and start rooting -or painting
most will be able to finish up over the weekend and then put their babies togeather and do a photo shoot thru the week so contest would be the fallowing mon-
Sound Good?
Please all share what and how you are doing your babies -this is not a class but sharing with and from all OK???
Pics -lots of pics !!!LOL

I’m new to reborning. I would like to .

Welcome. Join in and we can guide you along the way.

The 26th so that everyone has time to root-hair (if they are rooting) and dress their babies and do the photos ( and finish up if you needed a bit more time !!!)
I think we are going to have alot of fun and cant waite for thurs !!!

This sounds like so much fun…I cannot participate this time round as I am in the middle of some projects that have deadlines, but I will be following everyone progress. I wish I was more computer savvy, so I could help with posting all the pictures.

Hope my kit gets here on time. I want to play along with you.

Aww-she loves the chunky babes !!!Play along which ever she chooses !!!

This thread is now started with the Paint along -called LETS MAKE A BABY !!! LOL