Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Thanks! :blush:


Re-Rooted little Darren. Hoping he sells now with thicker and darker hair


OMG! You rooted another baby! He is so precious! Who is his sculptor?




I think his temple area would look better with more hair there.


I’m out of hair so I can’t, but thanks for the suggestion. Also I’m out of cable ties and patience to work on him lol


I know I shared these 2 on a different post here but not this one…

I assembled Yannie last night


Oh wow!!, his painting is beautiful and so newborn looking!!!:heart_eyes::grinning: Great job!!


I really love your rooting!! You have great skills and techniques!!:heart_eyes:


I really LOVE that skin tone!!:blush::heart_eyes:


He’s precious!!!


Here’s my ethnic Tracy by Donna Rubert. He’s a boy now:


WIP my third version of Betty by Natali Blick. She is similar to the 2nd by request BUT slightly different undertones & shading. She will also have long straight/wavy hair.


Gorgeous! Wha5 a fabulous paint job!


So beautiful!


Thank you!!:wink::heart_eyes:


I am working on my rooting skills. I wear reader glasses for close up, 1.50 strength. I tried using 2.50 for rooting and they help so much showing every tiny detail!


Beautiful rooting!! Wish I could do that! I use the strongest reading glasses and it doesn’t seem like enough. I’m going to get the magnifying light also. Was just in hobby lobby today and forgot :grimacing:


Yes I did! I need so much more practice Isn’t he a cutie? I will post the link when I’m on the computer. He’s only 16” long. I love the littles.


I don’t know what he looked like before but he’s adorable! How do you re root with the glue dried in the head?