Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Very nice, I have the paci


Aw, thanks!


This doll is incredible! Love it.


This guy has been a problem child. I’ve done so many layers. I’m calling him done. He’s shiny. Needs matte and hair.


I put him away for a couple of weeks to let his paint cure (I use air dry) and looking at him again I just felt like I could do better by him. So it wasn’t really anything in particular, more that my skills are still improving so I always end up thinking I can do better :slight_smile:


Here is my little custom girl Luciano with her cute little pierced ears and also her tiny little sister Salia.


Thank you!


They both so lovely! Questions: what do you use to pierce the ears and where did you get Salia’s white onesie?


Waiting for glue to dry is like watching paint dry…really close to finishing a baby.


Your problem child is cute, @ECNRebornBabies. I just finished a Levi that gave me a fit all the way through, so I feel your pain.

Super cute, @Lil! Both of them. Luciano’s shoes are awesome. :grin:


Luciano made a beautiful baby girl! I love that tummy plate! Your Uriel is sooo adorable! Her mommy is going to swoon!


I love your Luciano! You did a wonderful job-makes me want to paint that one, but I held back on that preorder.




Budget baby Gracie. Not loving her :confused:


What’s not to love? She’s cute! :heart_eyes:


Thank you. I just don’t have much confidence right now. It’s probably more in my head than anything else, but my painting is lacking…something. It’s why I tried to do a budget baby. Trying to make a baby as basic as I can might show me which steps I want to work on.


They’re both fabulous! Love them!


Thank you :blush: I used a hypodermic needle that my husband brought back from his lab and then I pushed the earring in. The earlobes on that kit are small but her Mommy really wanted her to have them. I told her she probably needs some smaller earrings. I got Salia’s onesie on Ebay from Babyprem.


Thank you :blush: and thank you @Reefbubbles, @jennyk and @Mommarobin

I found her shoes at the same store that I found her little sweatshirt and I had to get them because they matched so well.


I’m loving her! :blush: