Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


They are not assembled, and only the front edge of Chanel’s hair is rooted so far.


I love Salia’s tiny headband! Both babies are so pretty


Thank you😍 she is so much cuter in person!


He’s adorable. Why a booboo baby he looks perfect.


So beautiful!


Why did you hate him! He’s precious!


Awwww, adorable!!


He’s real born Brittany!


WIP Ready made toddlers, Julia and Lily Beth now sold, Maddie(boy) is still available, finished in 2-3 weeks


@Reefbubbles I like your mini Salia. I started on 11" fairy Twinkle and have mixed feelings right now. Not sure that I can bong with her/him at the end. Will see…At least I am trying different reborn genres :rofl:


@YelenaRey I was feeling the same way about Salia, I thought when I ordered her I would be so smitten I would not want to sell her. During almost the nearly whole painting process I felt no bond, then, when I was nearly done, it happened, I suddenly saw what I fell head over heels for in her. Just guessing, It might be the fact that all the features, the nose mouth eyes etc. don’t have that sweet immediate newborn lifelike sweetness we are used to in the larger sculpts. So maybe as you paint and add all your details and you see your little fairy come to life and want to flit around your house, you will start to bond with her😉. If not sell her and at least you had the experience lol!


Oh Goodness!! They are so cute and beautiful!! I didn’t see Salia at first!! LOL! Great job!


Thank you!!! The cell phone is just not doing either of them justice.


Yes, I understand that!! I can’t capture my dolls from my cell…Great to see an update though!


I think he is adorable!


I love Twinkle Fairy!!! Love love that kit


My Landon asleep (now called George) stripped and repainted. I’ll be rooting blond curls eventually. My camera makes him look a bit more washed out than he actually is, but I wanted him quite pale and he’s spot on for what I was aiming for.


Hes so precious!! I love his chubby cheeks!


Cute, cute! I have a Landon I need to ge5 working on…


What you didn’t like about your prev. Landon?