Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


WIP Liam - She will be an Easter gift to my 4 yr old Godchild, so she will remain a baldie.


Oh my goodness, both of your babies look so good!!! I can’t believe you are new to this! I love love LOVE your Skya! :heart_eyes:


Beautiful babies!


Thank you so much! That’s means a lot because I don’t think I’m very good at all lol. Liam was my second baby. She has been a work in progress for months! She has so many corrective layers of paint it’s not even funny. I keep messing up on her Lol.
I have finally gotten her to a point I’m happy though, and I’m ready to finish her up!


Wow! You are sure doing an awesome job on her!


This one is beautiful also! You are doing great for a beginner.


Thank you, everyone! I am very proud of my little babies even though they aren’t perfect. They were definitely labors of love. :heart:


She’s beautiful!


@Tessa Tessa, you did such a GREAT job with her. Even on eyebrows! She is so beautiful and colors are so soft. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I can relate to reborn babies attachment :slight_smile:


@BabyGizmo Lucky you to be her new mom! And Tessa is so sweet and kind!


Thank you!! You just reminded me that I forgot to put brows on Liam! :woman_facepalming:t2:Lol.


@tessa Another beauty! Great job!


Threw this guy in the back of my closet months ago because I hated him. But finally put him together this week and will sell him as a budget baby for a quick sale.


Awe!!! He’s so cute!!! I don’t see anything wrong with him.


Haha that’s too funny! It’s exactly the same, alright!


She is turning our adorable, I am excited to paint mine now😍


He’s precious!! Looks so newborn!


I can’t imagine why you hated him but I understand some babies just don’t turn out they way we want them to but I think he’s beautiful.


thank you <3


He looks very real. What kit is he?