Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


I have the same problem of the baby not looking like I imagined. I guess it’s a good thing, or I would probably stop making reborns because they wouldn’t be a challenge.


Thanks for posting this. I remember someone posting it back a while ago and I was thinking about it recently and didn’t know how to find it. Interesting.


@jlesser ~ You’re a true GEM! …an inspiration… I love you for that ! :kissing_heart:


Love It!


WOW~ very Pretty Girl! :heart_eyes:


Thanks for sharing this!


I’m going through that with draken. I bought him to paint for my 16 yr old son bc he loves all things dragons and when I surprise him he’s like it’s still a doll :neutral_face: (says the person who still has teddy bears- for pillows, and a robot he won’t let me get rid of) buts it’s a doll​:unamused: now I’m stuck with a dragon :roll_eyes:


I dithered forever over this baby. I went through the same painting/rooting blues described here. I am finally done with Grayson. Terrible lighting here today due to unrelenting dreary weather.


I am in love with him! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Great job!


He is so beautiful. Great job.


But Draken looks so fun to paint! I can’t wait to get mine out of layaway. If you haven’t started yours, hold on to it. He’s limited edition. He might go up in value. :wink:




Lol that’s the only reason I haven’t sold him yet, but my son told me that he could give me pointers on painting him :woman_facepalming:


Does he have any interest in painting him? He might have fun with that.


Oh wow! He’s the cutest boy I think I’ve seen so far! :heart:


Is your Grayson for sale?



thank you :slight_smile:


I never thought to ask. I’ll have to ask him that.


I love him! There’s just something about him!


Perhaps the people you have asked for help are busy today or haven’t hopped on the forum yet. Give them some time. I followed customdollbaby’s rooting tutorials to get started. If you search the forum for mapping, I’m sure you will pull up some rooting charts that have been shared before. You can also try looking on Pinterest.