Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


That is very sweet. Thank you!


In spite of your painting rut…she looks beautiful!
I can relate to how you feel though. My twins didnt come out like I wanted them to and I just posted another baby that no one wants. My customs have come out ok…maybe thats my problem is that Im painting around custom orders…I don’t know but I feel like Ive forgotten how to paint sometimes.


I love them…especially Roux’s hair…least I think that is Roux, the top one?
I am rooting a custom Luciano right now as well :slight_smile:


I can’t reinstate my reborns account. I have like 70 cents in my bank account which is certainly not enough for a membership. I’m not upset, just was in a bad mood yesterday. I feel like 7 months is a long enough time to wait before getting frustrated. And not all of my babies sell. I’ve had some sit for over a year that I’ve donated.


Should I do bangs?


She looks great without them but I think she’d look even better with some bangs :slight_smile: She’s very pretty!


I say no. I’m not a bangs person. Her forehead is a bit prominent, but she’s still cute! I envision her with her hair swept to the side with a bow. :blush:

I think I need a toddler. Lol


Thank you… Roux only took about 10 hours, but Luciano’s head was bigger and took me about 17… Quirky Chromitist fine adult mohair is so nice to root.


I wouldn’t add bangs, but I would bring the hairline forward a little bit and add to the sides in front of the ears. I couldn’t find a picture of “mapping, but this is Adalyn with the facial hairline that most people have.


Okay, that’s what I was thinking. If no bangs, I would need to bring it forward a bit

I have a blister on my finger from rooting this one! lol


Thank you! And yes, it’s like I have forgotten what I am doing or something. It’s very frustrating.


@MilosMeadows Sorry about your financial hardship, I just wanted to cheer you up! :grinning:
Have you though to do online classes? You powerpoint tutorials are so great, I think you might be successful at that.


Yes, I agree!!


It’s fine. This is normal for me. I’m used to it so I’ll just deal with it as it is.


Can’t wait to see her with eyes. She’s already super cute.


I know you weren’t responding to me but thanks for listing your supplier, I went and bought some of her hair. I mainly use HP Babylocks but its more straight. I love the look of your Roux so I want to try some :slight_smile:


Do you use fine adult, kid or yearling? Beautiful! I want to try their mohair. I usually use Slumberland kid and find it gets frizzy


I buy the fine adult from her… love it - no waste and you cut a section off to root from the rubber banded end. It is blunt cut at the unbranded e d so it is all the same length.


She’s beautiful. I say no bangs! :heart_eyes:


Someone posted this graph a few years ago (sorry to whoever posted it, I can’t remember who or find the original post to give credit). It shows how artists improve in their painting, and it’s really helped me get through those “frustrating” periods. I can totally relate to feeling like I’ve forgotten how to paint, but then I remember this graphic and remind myself that I’m (hopefully) probably just in one of those plateaus before I get better lol.