Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Yes! Think of her as a sharpei. She is just a baby. She has to grow into all that extra skin. :heart:image


To me it looks like she was obese and had liposuction :rofl: It looks super gross to me and I don’t know exactly why. I really do want to paint this kit but I can’t get past it and I know I don’t do my best work on kits I don’t like


Considering there are 8 bajillion kits available to choose from, I don’t understand why anyone would waste time trying to talk themselves into painting one they don’t like. Move on to one you love. All kits aren’t for everyone. :crazy_face:


But I like everything else except that part of her which is why I’m hesitant. I do really want her but then I see those super deep wrinkles and I’m thrown off. Maybe I could do her with thick hair to hide them? Do you think that would work?


Maybe fill them in with thick medium?


Do you think that would work? I’m open to any ideas for sure cause I love her face. If they were a little less deep it would be okay too. Maybe even just lightly shaded would be fine




If you are not keeping it, and you want to sell it, I would deal with the ink feel and leave them because your buyers will most likely love them


You know I don’t keep any so it would be sold. I think I’ll just skip it, I guess. I will do a bad job I know I will because I don’t like those wrinkles. I always do worse on kits I don’t like :confused: I’m so picky that I go back and forth on kits all the time. But hey, I don’t have money to buy anyway so it doesn’t matter.


Your last baby gives me baby fever for sure so paint the ones you are feeling good about😍


That would be none of them right now. I like a kit but then when I think about it again I don’t. I can’t sell anything right now so I’m not even going to look anymore. The few that I want are sneak peeks still.


I have too many preemies…maybe I’ll sell the kits. It’s difficult to find preemie clothing


They’re all so cute! Wonderful job on them.


Beautiful!! I love those bunny shoes.


Which ones?


I have Clyde, Aspen, Ashely, Leif


Rooting lashes and assembling this one tomorrow. I’ve been in a painting rut lately and I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to finish her. I have hated my painting lately and feel like nothing is turning out right. :tired_face: I hope this goes away soon and I can get back to enjoying the painting process.


Beautiful! This baby must have pulled you out of your painting funk, cuz she’s lovely!


She is lovely. He paint job is vibrant and soft at the same time. And I feel your pain. I am hoping it is the season or Mercury or some other hocus pocus that is going to lift away and let us enjoy reborning agian.


@Mommarobin There is always some in my Walmart.