Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


She’s so beautiful! I want this kit even more now!


Those eyes are amazing! Did you make them?


Thank you :blush:
The vinyl is so soft, not like any other kit, thats for sure. They did send me a little container of the sealer for people who use GHSP from MacPherson. I just washed her like I usually do and put the Liquitex matte gel and water on her as a sealer and Ive had no problems with paint not sticking.


Awesome thanks! I use GHSP so I’ll have to try the stuff they send with her. What is it exactly? Would you mind taking a pic of it? thanks :slight_smile:


Its called AR skin texture foundation, its just a little container of pink stuff.


Okay, thanks! I will look it up. I don’t normally use anything on the vinyl before I paint so I’m not sure about it lol


I think maybe Genesis doesn’t stick well to this Spanish Vinyl and thats why they send it with her.


Yeah, I think that’s it. I’m not super confident with using any kind of product before I paint so I may not get her because of that. I always have trouble getting the final varnish even so I’d imagine I’d mess up the first step too :rofl:


What a cutie!


When rooting eyelashes on toddlers, do you just use the human hair? Or should I use Mohair?


Aren’t those eyes fantastic! I didn’t make them, I bought them from a seller on Etsy. Here’s a link to her shop. I bought these ready made while she was having a 40% off sale, but she also accepts custom orders.


I don’t think I used it before painting her with ghsp. And had no issues.
Well except she had a couple weird lumps inside her head that made rooting tricky


Thanks! Yours is really lovely too, I remember seeing her awhile ago :slight_smile: i have 3 dolls to sell so I’m looking at kits to see what I want. Ellie Sue is on my list. I’m also thinking about the house elves but I hate the creases on their heads by the ears. I’m wondering if those could be filled in somehow


The creases in the ears are what makes the kit so adorable. They are much cuter in real life. The pictures don’t do them justice. :heart:


These ones? I just can’t get over them, I really like the face of Tinky but hate the wrinkles so much that I just can’t bring myself to spend that much on them.


I don’t root my eyelashes, I don’t like the look on toddlers, BUT JMO… I would use your own vision :slight_smile:


The end is in sight! :slight_smile:


Ok…I just don’t know if the human hair would curl up enough and stay up. I do have eyelashes here I can glue on, so it’s all good :slight_smile:


New Lil Darlings going home to their Mommy
Caitlin by Jannie de Lange, ready made toddler (first pics, sold just sharing my work)

custom order Julia by Jannie de Lange


@NancyW Your work is really incredible. My daughter wants one of your toddlers lol. I show her your work everytime you post pictures. That little boy with the curls… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: