Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


No not at all lol. I’m terrible at it. :blush:


what a cutie! :heart:


My baby Belle is getting hair :smiley: My first go at rooting ever, I’d probably have been better waiting until my cataract surgery in a few weeks so I could see the mohair properly lol but I don’t think it’s going all that badly. I know it’s pluggy and messy, and using a rooting map just wasn’t going to work for me so I’m winging it a bit, but I’ll love her however it turns out. Pictures were taken in artificial light.


Does it feel good to be back!
He’s a cute baby :slight_smile:


Only one way to see if you like it, it’s to just jump in :slight_smile:


Beautiful babies!


Looking good!


So pretty!!


Thank you!


@jlesser Love all of them! So sweet and realistic! I want to hold little Noel! What did you meant be "redid’?


Well she asked me to reweigh her doll. Her daughter bought it for her as a therapy baby but after buying my Darren she thought she would love her more with better weight placement. So I said yes and she shipped her to me.
When she arrived I saw that the paint job was not done well and the nails were peeling off. Once I unassembled it to reweigh… I saw that the lashes were not even glued in. So I told her no matter what I would redo the lashes and nails for her. I informed her off all the issues I came across (loose beads in the head, limbs and head did not turn, palms and soles had no blushing, thicker pink paint in creases, mismatched brows, nostrils were pink, no veins, or other color mottles, just red) and asked if she would like any changes other than the nails and lashes because it was obvious the artist was not very experienced. She and I talked about her personal life a little and how she knew the doll was all her daughter could afford and she loved her for that but wouldn’t mind if I could improve her.
She offered to pay to have it done but after hearing her personal life I chose to repaint the doll for no extra charge. She already paid for re-weighting and shipping both ways.
I took pictures of the doll before and during un-assembly to show her, as well as pictures during my improvements but she liked the idea of being surprised so she saw NO pics through the whole process! I LOVED surprising her.
I do not want to post pictures of the “before” on a public forum, that feels rude to me, in case the artist stumbles across it.


@jlesser That is so kind of you! You are such a great person! Joseph turned out to be awesome :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:


Finally finished the hair and details on this little one. Now just waiting for the glue to dry so I can assemble!


Oh my goodness so darn cute!


How creative! Can’t wait to see her all put together!




I think I’ve got Belle’s hair the way I wanted it. For a first try I’m actually really proud of myself, especially with how much it looks like what I had in my mind (my particular brand of Autism means I can struggle putting things in my head into actual practice, so to speak.) It’s not perfect but I’m happy enough with it and how it looks on her :grinning:


WTG! You did it!


Working on this little fella again. He still needs a lot more work.


Im working on Ellie Sue…I love the feel of her vinyl and all her detail and I haven’t had any problems with painting her that wasn’t my own fault. I bought a bottle of RebornFX paint that was called a wash and apparently it has the mediums mixed into it already. It made her very shiny and sticky so I put a layer of varnish on her, much better now. I still have some work to do but I decided to start a scratch on her cheek. How does she look so far?