Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Yay! Congratulations! Your first rooting looks beautiful to me! I am so proud of you!


Oh my!! You’re being too kind my dear!! I tried to get fancy and do a double swirl but it turned into kind of a heart shape. Lol. Painted hair is my thing. Well prisma mainly :slight_smile: I’m not sure I rooted deep enough. She lost some hair.


Another April wip. This kit is just too cute. That smile :slight_smile:


What kit is that? I love the smile… though I have to admit I’m becoming ore partial to open-eyed kits.


Okay… I think she’s looking lots better… wish I had the hair and eyes!


My latest 2. image|375x500


April by Joanna K.


WIP Kendal


GREAT JOB on the rooting! Congrats! (see it wasn’t so bad afterall) :kissing_heart:


Wow, I didn’t know she was that pretty!


beautiful Skin tones! She’s really gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


Ophelia Schick as a little boy. I haven’t reborned a baby in forever, but now I’m back!!


Omg. That’s beautiful coloring!!


I have completed Noel and Maia.
I am still rooting Adalyn and Yannie is ready to assemble

And I redid a baby (Joseph) for the lady who bought my Darren :heart:


You did amazing!!! Congratulations! I take it rooting wasn’t your favorite though? Lol


Wow, this kit is normally so dolly-looking, but she looks so real - you’re amazing!!


So cute!!


I love them all! So adorable!


Wow! Her skin tone and shading is perfect!


The sun was shining nicely so I decided to get back to painting. And what do you know, I’m working and it starts getting darker outside… I hope I finished up the last bit properly. :rofl: