Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


I got it on the little dips under the nose instead of just being on the sides and in between- I need to use a neaded eraser and get a little off- and touch things up with flesh tone and maybe a lime green wash- I’m frustrated with them- so coffee- and a swing on the porch should help me;)


Stepping away sounds like a good idea! You’re a pro, I’m sue you can fix it. I am painting on the porch today and trying out my new rosewill oven. So far so good! I think I’m going to convert to porch painting! Annnnd I am obsessed with like green mottling, so green is the answer to everything!


Sounds therapeutic:) maybe I need to paint outside


Yes, I’m already seeing that :frowning:
I guess I’ll have to bake the head to close the holes


I don’t think they look bad at all


I just tucked a piece of the hair i want to root him in up under his hat. Head is not attached, eyes are only popped in :wink:


Gorgeous! Love his skin tones! …and I love Landon :slight_smile:


Thank you- they are almost done. I found a mr clean eraser- that red in that little lip part will drive me crazy till I get off there!! This eraser is like magic for sure!!


Ohmygosh cute!!!


Getting some hair :slight_smile:


Loving that hair!


I just want to play with all the hair! She’s precious.


They still look pretty good to me! But I know what you mean. I just finished newborn June and I’m not too jazzed about her. I paint like the swedish chef from the Muppet. Lol. I really need to learn to reign it in. Less is more.
Thank you for posting your “mess up.” It’s nice to know that even after all your years of experience, you still make mistakes. It encourages the newer people to persevere :heart:


Porch painting sounds so relaxing. I’ve not tried green mottling. Hmmm…something to try on my next victim- uh I mean doll :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh my goodness do I ever!!! Lol I usually just roll with it-turn it into a scratch or a birthmark ect- that’s the nice thing about a handmade piece of art- humans aren’t perfect- so nothing we make will be absolutely perfect- there’s always slight imperfections and things that could improve. It’s like when I paint on canvas- eventually you just have to call it done! It’s a forgiving medium- but these overly red lips on these two- ahhh! I had to fix it;)


What a handsome little chunker!


It’s a mess right now but I am envisioning a work bench right here and baby can watch me! I’m going to try and get it set up this weekend!


@RebornsbyCaro I have to warn you that from my very limited experience my green mottling always turned into annoying yellow spots. I’ve decided never use it again. But that is just me. Seems like many people successfully using them. I mix paints myself, so mabe premixed green is safer? Please share with me how it will turn out for you.


@Aly Looks nice! Just don’t varnish there :rofl:


Oh I defintely have issues with being too heavy handed when I paint so maybe I should wait till I’ve have a bit more practice. Thanks so much for the heads up!