Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Finally finished rooting this one! Just a quick photo

Realborn Johannah


Oh wow…shes beautiful!!!


Ive tried different skin tones in the past, my most successful being my Ramsey. I wanted you guys to let me know what you think of my Dominic. I just did a Johanna but I haven’t finished her hair…shes lighter than he is. I like him but Im not entirely happy with him…then again, Im not entirely happy with many of my babies, even my favourites. If anyone sees anything I could improve on please let me know.
I am going to do a photo shoot tomorrow, I got too busy painting and used up all my energy…so I just took some pics of him on my bed…its overcast today, right now we are having a thunderstorm :wink:

here is the back of his messy hair


I love him and I think the messy hair looks perfect! He looks great painted in ethnic tones!


I got this gal listed on reborns. I didn’t want to wait for the sun to shine, because the forecast doesn’t look so promising.


Totally agree with that statement. Dominic never look to me as a pure caucasian baby.


She’s gorgeous, even without the sunshine! We’re having a nice day for the first time in months lol


@specialmoments This s the best Johannah to me! :heart_eyes:…and I am not a fan of her, but I love this one!


Oh my! She is jaw dropping!


Here we go, thinking alike again. This time it’s not the kit, it’s trying to new skin tones. And it’s overcast here too. I can’t get a decent picture of her to save my life. But here’s Starling, waiting patiently for a photo shoot. I’m not entirely happy with her. But I’m not unhappy either. I’ll call her my first successful attempt at an ethnic baby.


She’s perfect!! So beautiful!!


I think you did a great job…I love that hair!
We really are on the same wave length :wink:
Thank you so much @AlyBrick :blush:


WIP ready made Mila (now sold) , wip custom Kathy and Lilly


This baby is gorgeous!


What hair do you think suits him best?


Red or dark brown


I like the first one a lot! So pretty! I dislike this sculpt but love the way you painted him


I think the red really suits him.


I was leaning towards the red :slight_smile:
Thanks ladies!


Those little blonde twins are adorable!!!