Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Skya, possibly a keeper. I never keep any of the reborns I make, but I like her kit way more than I thought I would.


@Vanniek I love her! Some of us prefer high color babies. like @allhisgrace does. I tried but the baby didn’t come out like hers, lol! I was going to throw her in the trash but my daughter begged me not to. So I made her like she wanted. She loves her! She became a Unicorn Fantasy Baby! Her skin is glittery but you can’t tell with my horrible photo skills.


That would be very helpful and I appreciate it!!


Thank you!! One thing I have a ton of is glitter with soapmaking lol!


I really admire the way you did her lips. Her coloring goes great with the mohair.


I gave some of your soap to my grandson and he said Grandma it has glitter on it, lol! He took it anyway.


I don’t think she looks too bad at all! I wouldnt strip her


so sweet and peaceful :slight_smile:


He is absolutely gorgeous!! :heart_eyes:


Lol it washes right off. Smart grandson you have :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




Ty. I won’t strip her. I’d rather sell the ones I mess up as boo boo babies. That will help others with their budget. :blush:


I refuse to strip too, @Vanniek. The last time I did this, I corrected it with a layer of flesh with a dot of green, then I took some of that blush color, thinned out of course, on a round brush and did a random mottle in the light areas. The flesh layer toned it down a notch while the random mottle brightened up the light areas. Overall there was less of a contrast and my blush didn’t seem as stark.


Finished this custom Tobiah!!




She is so adorable!


TY! I’m trying this now.


Omg. Beautiful



This baby is Gorgeous!
@pipgirl_el can I save your pic for inspiration for my Ephram???