Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Gorgeous baby!


Thanks. I do really like it. I have to see if I will have enough.


Yup best one! This baby looks real!


Jamina! Oh my goodness, I love that kit. She is so pretty, can’t wait to see her finished!


Thank you. I have looked at her for about two years and someone had her for sale. I am looking forward to having more time to work on her.


I hardly do it any longer @jlesser and @Anne just did one on a whim this time to see how her final skin tones come out in pictures just thought I would share I don’t think I will be offering too many more .


She seems to be fond of them :wink:


I am just jealous that I dont have much to share… LOL

I am working on kits… but they all ate paint and took longer than expected so I still have no new baby done to share :frowning: Soon though
Maybe I will grab WIPs before I start hair…


This ones hair slowed me down I wanted super thick and paid the price :wink:


Can you do a simple rooting map tutorial? :slight_smile:


Wow really. I have ruined this kit worse than any other. She was painting so well and now I think she’s going in the garbage. I can’t bother to strip a kit I’d rather just buy a new one lol. Awful!’ I have no idea what happened and I’m so confused on how I did this. :disappointed_relieved:


What are you dislike about it?


Almost everything. I’ve done washes, tinted varnish ect. There’s too much blushing ugh its just bad.


She’s cute! I don’t see anything wrong with her!


I do not see anything wrong with her! She looks gorgeous!! :heart:


ty but one major thing is that her blushing is just way off…too much. She has a lot of mottling but the blushing as over taken her


Have you tried mint wash to tone down the red?


I haven’t done that color wash yet, but I’ve done so much to her limbs, that I’m afraid her limbs and head won’t match soon. After a year this shouldn’t happen she really didn’t give me any issues until I brought them on myself.


Some babies have high color! I like her a lot! I feel the same way… I refuse to strip a kit. Never have, never will.


Oh wow! You honor me.:flushed: Um…I can try. What I usually do is draw the hair on in chalk, then begin rooting directionally two to three finger widths back from where I want the hair to end. I will try to put something better together soon with pictures or maybe a video if my hubby will help me shoot it :blush: