Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


You are so close! But even if it’s not exact, your baby has a really nice complexion. What are you going to do to get closer? A red wash?


Looks like real baby has dark chocolate + crimson in him.


Thank you. I mixed up a new batch of paint and I’m going to paint a different kit to see if I can get a darker complexion. I did add a bit more raw umber, red and blk to my new mix. We’ll see if it works.


I’ve used mainly blue and red on them. Was hoping for a more pink color, but oh well. I’ll try the yellow, thanks!


You came pretty darn close! She’s a beautiful baby.


@Blushingbeautyreborn You’ve nailed it!


Thanks times a million:) I’ve seen your babies and they are beautiful! I don’t use the primary method. I do use panpastels now for touching up details and blushing. I like blending the powders around the mouth area ect. I do a bunch of wacky stuff that I’ve learned along the way. Thanks for the compliment!!:slight_smile:


I think she’s perfect!


What a great match! I feel you nailed it!


Thank you!!!


Flesh 02 has rosy undertone mix that with a touch of purple 01 and a layer of that you’ll be surprised lol


Love you tones! :heart:


Wow!!! Thank you so much I’m going to try that!!!


Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions! I appreciate it @Anne @Lil @Reefbubbles @evelyn @jeanhai @specialmoments @DollyPardon @YelenaRey


thank you! I wasn’t going to preorder her either, but them got a custom order for her. She is smaller than my usual toddlers, but a cute kit :slight_smile:


One word @DollyPardon…AMAZING!!!


love them!!! they look so real <3 great job!!!


Thank you @Ruth and @NancyW! I’m getting ready to assemble my last two and they can all get shipped out tomorrow.

Next task: Clean. Don’t know about everyone else, but I have to routinely stop just to put my room back together. Seems like my desk explodes every time I assemble… then again, it looks like that while painting too. :grin: I guess I’m just a messy worker.


I just finished up Maggie’s little nest. The fabric I used on it and her outfit match Lyla’s sheets on her bed. I think it will be sweet in her room. I think I am done now…unless I decide to try and make some little booties. :smile:


You really did a great job with her. Love her nest as well. :blush: