Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


A Plus Mohair


So sweet. Beautiful eyes!


Finished my version of Harper.


Best version of this kit I have ever seen! Fantastic job!! :heart:


I agree, best Harper yet!


Awww thanks! A customer requested him as a custom, but changed mind to a different sculpt. I really would have never picked him. Glad she did though, lol.


I did my little Saskia boy’s photo shoot. I took about 50 pics of him, here are my favourites because his feet are showing :slight_smile: . I am really happy with him.



Just finished this one not a saska .


Am I the only one who rarely takes WIP photos? LOL


I don’t take them either unless I have to for a Swap or Challenge.


I hardly ever take them unless I am super proud of what I achieved.


She turned out so cute. Is that another of your knitted creations?


Started working on Jamina. I’m just going to see where things take me with her. I grabbed a bundle of mohair and added it under her bonnet. I’m liking the color with her skintone and eyes. Still have lots more to do.


Love her eyes!


He’s beautiful! I love his little feet!


That hair will look gorgeous on her!


No, this one I bought from someone online


I take them because I’m forever doing customs! Lol I tried to ge5 out of it, but I keep getting more orders…and they want to see progress


Sweet! She’s got piano fingers :slight_smile:


Thank you. They are actually green.