Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


I love that pretty little romper and baby! Have you ever done a doll with the full front and back? It would make such a cute statement on a reborn!


I have, and I think I photographed her in it but I can’t remember. They suck to pose so I didn’t do a full shoot for her like this.
I just checked and this is what I have from her, I used the outfit for some of her WIPs I think. I painted and sold her 2 years ago so I can’t quite remember and my photography wasn’t as good.


Aww! I love that! You should do another with the same style now that you feel more proficient in your skills!


I would if there was a kit that I liked. I’m very picky lol If one comes out or I find one that I like, I definitely will.


I decided to paint this head that was laying around.


Just started Darren today and I also adopted a big stray Brittany dog. It has been a very stressful week.


Can’t wait to see you dog! @Lslusher1


@pipgirl_el They are stunning! :heart_eyes:


@mcurbelo Look so real! :heart_eyes:


Thank you. :blush:


Thank you



Poor little guy was abandoned


@Lslusher1 Oh, he is gorgeous! But look so sad :disappointed_relieved:


He is a cute dog. With your love and care I’m sure he will be a happy camper soon!


Beautiful Brittany! Our favorite breed. :blush:


Working on my Londyn kit. I think this little one is my favorite so far.


@Ruth You are sewing him together! LOL


Haha you are so funny @YelenaRey ! Funny thing is, all of these threads on this forum have made me pull out my sewing machine and TRY to sew. And I bought knitting looms which I am getting pretty good at. I need to learn to crochet some beautiful clothes like you have done for your wee ones! So many talented people on this forum, I cannot keep up with them!


Be yourself! I know that I’ll never will be able to keep up with some RA, which is kind of sad, but as long as I am progressing, learning and getting better - I am ok with that. Jealous, but ok. I am telling myself that those people that I am admiring so much didn’t start this year, and some of them have a very hefty bagade of experience.
But it’s true, this forum does inspire us to do lots of things!