Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Love his hair! He’s such a sweet sculpt!


Awww, she’s a cutie!


Thank you :blush:
I didnt even want to paint her because she is so “dolly” but now I love her and want to pull some of my older BB kits out. I even bought a Cookie so I can join in on the painting party :smiley:


She has that sweet please hold me look to her, I love her!


Big Joe got the approval from her mama so she’ll be varnished tonight and then rooted! Eyebrows will be done after her hair is rooted


He’s adorable!!


Great job!


He is so adorable!


Thank you and @Mommy2five :two_hearts:


@MilosMeadows I love her skin tones! Beautiful!


Thank you! She’s a bit darker than my typical baby, her mama wanted her to be light native and she’s happy with how she looks now. I don’t love this sculpt but she came out okay, I think.


Margot by Cassie Brace


I definitely love the yellow bow up against her skin. I am not a huge fan of the sculpt either, but so many people are! Kudos to you for making mama happy!


Thank you! The “band” is cream colored jersey knit and the flower is a little yellow paper flower. I use them for newborn photography but haven’t had a real baby girl in the studio :rofl: The cream is my favorite for wraps and backgrounds too. I have so much of it :rofl:


And I love doing custom orders for that reason. And I never have to worry about selling the baby afterward which is the worst part for me, my sales are bad usually so I dread that part.


Very pretty. At least you get to use them anyway! It’s so cool you have all the newborn props at your disposal! I don’t know if I will ever do customs. I guess I have to get my first sale under my belt and we’ll see :sweat_smile: I’m putting Leif together as a boy tomorrow, and hopefully I will do have time to do his shoot.


Yes lol I have so many and it’s frustrating not to use them but I love all the lovely baby boys that I work with too.
Customs are a lot and a lot of people don’t do them. And it’s totally fine not to. I hate the process of selling, so knowing the baby is sold before I even begin is amazing for me. And I’ve never had an unhappy customer, so that probably helps.


That makes perfect sense! I have no experience with boy clothes and accessories, and the outfit I bought for Leif is the only article of baby “boy clothes” I’ve ever owned, as I only have girls. It’s fun to shop for a boy though!


Lol I’m almost the exact opposite, I have no kids myself but I have 3 nephews and 1 baby niece. And I started photographing babies after my niece was already too old so I’ve only worked with her 2 brothers and a handful of baby boys from the neighborhood. I’m dying for a baby girl :rofl: I have so much stuff I was to use that doesn’t work on reborns. This is my favorite romper but as you can see it’s not suited well for dolls with cloth bodies


All customs compete now getting the show babies ready. These are some of the babies so far that I will have and started working on. Many others to paint