Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2

So cute!!

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She’s beautiful!

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Gorgeous baby!

thank you☺


I have done that, she looks a bit better now. Assembling will be a challenge, I have instructions for the connectors but not for the weighting and filling. I don’t know how I will manage to put polyfill in thoses tiny holes…

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Thank you!!! I can’t believe I get to do this! I wish I would have thought of this long, long ago. I promise I will keep one by the tenth doll :wink:

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Nighttime photos…but wanted to share my Max :slight_smile:


@AlyBrick Yes, if you knew about Reborn World long, long ago, I guess you missed out on your best opportunity. I discovered Reborn World just in Nov. 2018 as a buyer first…:persevere: But I am glad I did, even if I am late to this party!

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I was a buyer as well, for my daughter. Once I saw her doll, I thought, I can do this! The funny part is, she still doesn’t know she’s getting one, as her b-day is the 24th of this month. Now I wish I would have made her one, but I am still going to give her the one I bought. I secretly like mine better. Lol.


Pretty hair!!! He’s all boy!

Ah, Thank you!

Ill have to look on youtube, there may be a video on how to do it?

There are videos for the regular soft vynil, but not for the ball jointed. I can’t find anything anywhere.

Workin on this unicorn baby!!:unicorn::unicorn: using the pink eyes. :heart_eyes_cat:


custom orders Katie Marie Timmerman going home to their Mommies


Thank you! Can’t wait to get his body (I’m using cloth) and get him put together

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I love those blue eyes. Where’d you find those?

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I’m working on Avery and Quinn

I have to take this one’s head back off because I forgot to put the magnet in for the pacifier. Lol


@NancyW Nancy, you hair is always ‘out this world’! But when do you have time to root so much hair??!! Amazing!

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