Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


More work on the Tibby Twins - I’ve been so busy with other doll projects, I finally got back to them. They still need to be wigged, get some eyelashes, and some eyebrows.


My latest 2 finished Ashley and Skyler (Skya)
They both have prisma hair that was then painted over to add depth and texture.


Decided to try painted hair on my Max:)
Base layer done


Aw they are so so sweet!


Looks great so far!


I decided to start painting Summer Rain’s hair!


No way!! You would never know that is painted!


Thank you!!! I had to drink a glass of wine to even attempt it, but I’m so glad I got the nerve to try!


@AlyBrick Amazing! Especially for the very first doll - triple amazing! obviously you are natural at reborning. Now I know why even your first eyebrows came out so good! :heart_eyes:
Buy looking at the photo I assume you used paint, not pencil, correct?


I love it !!! Very realistic, good job !!!


Thank you so much!!! I really enjoy the hair! But I’m anxious to see it finished. I’m using GHSP in the pre mixed brow brown.


Finally got this little one assembled. She’s 3 month Joseph’s head with grant limbs. I’m still waiting on her dress to arrive so in the meantime I put this little vintage dress on her. (Phone pics don’t show all her details)


I love her with those limbs!!! I wasn’t a fan of the original limbs


Thanks, good to know. I use GHSP brow brown for hair too.


@Bec1273 She looks so lovely with those limbs! :heart_eyes:


Love her with the different limbs!!


Right, I thought it was rooted, nice painted hair.


I love her as a girl!


Looks lovely!


Madeline by Jannie de Lange boy (ready made toddler, now sold)

(my kitties are waiting for that new prop…LOL!!!)