Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


If anyone aren’t familiar what realborns, they are kits that are scans directly from real babies and produced to vinyl to form the kits. So basically, they scan all the creases, folds, ears, nose, etc from the real baby and put it on the kits. That’s pretty much what all I know about the realborning process. Lol!


Working on this beautiful baby.


thank you:)


thank you :heart_eyes:


thank you <3


Awww he or she is cute!!:heart_eyes:


Very nice!


Thank you!


I am officially finished didn’t like how her hair line came out at first but I fixed it the best I could and I think she looks adorable. Hopefully I can get her photos taken today and finally list her. I’m real big on procrastinating on all my dolls takes me months before I feel ready to list one exactly why I refuse to do customs. Anywho here’s my version of Uriel by Priscilla Lopes.


She is perfect!


Ramsey has all of his hair and will be listed for sale soon (cries a little)

I love this particular hair because it can brush wavy/straight, or be curly like this:


Semi doll related: finally had some time to sew up a little nappy cover for 14” Jade Warner. It was bothering me that I had nothing for her to wear. Still need to make a blouse or dress to match, but at least she isn’t naked. :blush:


Very cute!


Great job!




Rooting Tacy with thick brown hair. I will probably let them long enough to be able to play a bit with them !

I love her, that’s a really nice kit


I have been working on an AA Sadie. I have already done 12 bakes. I think she is coming along okay, but not too sure what color I should be painting the lips, they look a little off. Any suggestions on what I should do with her are appreciated. I have not done any blushing yet, that will be my next step. 20190409_192220|281x500


Just beautiful!


Looks great! She will be so cute completed!!


She looks awesome!!