Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Reese and Brooklyn in the works. I think Brooklyn may be a favorite so far. She’s been super easy to paint. I have a few skin coats, some blushing and details, and they are ready to varnish. Then root :flushed:


Thank you:)


Maia almost done- going to add skin texture and root little little peanut over the weekend:) boy or girl?!


I see a sweet baby boy.


I think so too! Gotta find some tiny little preemie boy clothes for him:)


I see a cute lil boy.


I think so too- so far 2 votes for boy! Idk why but I make way more boys than girls. Sometimes I’ll dress one as a girl even though it looks so much like a boy to me. I definitely think this little peanut looks like a boy!


Perfectly Preemie has cute NICU clothes. 2-4 lbs will fit him. The Preemie Store and Itty Bitty Baby have cute NICU clothes also.


@PaperCityDolls Boy


Thank you. I tried a few different things this time.


Yes I see a girl too! Beautiful tones. :heart:


I think he could go either way, but wow! He looks so real! I love him!


I love this sculpt, yours looks so fresh and new, wow!


Thank you!! I’ll check them out. I’ll looked around on eBay a little bit nothing much. I’ll get on that website today:)


Thank you:)




Do you think this body fits okay? I have another ordered from BB, but found this one in my supply bin. Not sure what size it is


Looks right to me! Precious baby too


I think it looks proportionate.


These kids got their first sunny photos outside because 1. They have new soft touch varnish and 2. This is the first time the sun has really shined in a month!