Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Haha! That’s kind of what my real newborns looked like. I am excited to try Genesis Yellow. I only had yellow ochre for my first few kits. I also got mars black for this go round!


This hobby is expensive! Once my dolls started selling for more I was able to slowly build a stock. At the moment I have 6 doll kits- I don’t usually have too many- okay now I’m thinking and I have eight kits- and several on preorder but that’s not as bad as some;) if I had unlimited funds- I would really build a substantial stockpile;)


Thank you:) I worry sometimes that I go overboard with colors!!


LOL Me too Jennifer!! I love the yellow though. :smiley:


Beautiful skin tones. They look great.



Reese and Brooklyn in the works. I think Brooklyn may be a favorite so far. She’s been super easy to paint. I have a few skin coats, some blushing and details, and they are ready to varnish. Then root :flushed:


Thank you:)


Maia almost done- going to add skin texture and root little little peanut over the weekend:) boy or girl?!


I see a sweet baby boy.


I think so too! Gotta find some tiny little preemie boy clothes for him:)


I see a cute lil boy.


I think so too- so far 2 votes for boy! Idk why but I make way more boys than girls. Sometimes I’ll dress one as a girl even though it looks so much like a boy to me. I definitely think this little peanut looks like a boy!


Perfectly Preemie has cute NICU clothes. 2-4 lbs will fit him. The Preemie Store and Itty Bitty Baby have cute NICU clothes also.


@PaperCityDolls Boy


Thank you. I tried a few different things this time.


Yes I see a girl too! Beautiful tones. :heart:


I think he could go either way, but wow! He looks so real! I love him!


I love this sculpt, yours looks so fresh and new, wow!


Thank you!! I’ll check them out. I’ll looked around on eBay a little bit nothing much. I’ll get on that website today:)


Thank you:)