Lee middleton auction today big lot boxed

http://cgi.ebay.com/Lee-Middleton-Doll- … 414a0b0ceb

this is a big lot of LM dolls going out today free shipping

Rose is this your listing? It is kinda confusing. If I bid on it, I would want all the dolls that was listed in the description and not just one or two. You may want to clarify that as others are asking if you would sell some individually out of the lot. That will affect your overall bidding amount drastically. Since there are bids I would think you would have to sell all of them to that one highest bidder and ship to one person. I am interested in them but only if they are being sold as a lot and none of them taken out to sell to other possible interested parties only wanting one or two of them if that makes sense.

It’s not Rose’s listing.

Can’t be Rose she isn’t in Ohio - I just shipped a box to her in another state.

Note ladies that this person has a feedback score of 1.

Here is her only feedback from the seller who can’t leave a negative:
Positively no payment nor communication. Great start!!!

No one in their right mind would list 15 Middleton dolls with free shipping. The bid of $152.50 so far might cover the shipping for 10 dolls. This screams scam.

I’m surprised there is a bid at all - no pictures. Even if you didn’t take them out of the boxes (which she says she has) you would stack up the boxes and take a photo. Then add some standard Middleton doll pictures.

Yea, the whole thing seems weird to me too.

No, not mine, I was intrigued by it. the postage will eat her alive.
maybe they were inherited and she just wants out. she did mention
pictures but it was too late for ebay. I must not have enought to do
lol. funny but I had a hard time not bidding on it. I bid on a box lot
in person and one of the dolls was bought by Rosaly Whyel in bellvue
because it was a rare M A wendy. there was also a patsykins all
original. those were the days. now , blah

I had a hard time keepin’ those mittens on my typin’ fingers so I couldn’t bid - although it is a little easier once the weather cools off. I didn’t read the part about pictures - I just read enough to say ‘No Way’.

Rose, you were bidding against my favorite museum’s owner. Rosalie Whyel built a doll museum in Bellevue, Washington and I kept thinking I should go there without children, but I never did - always had a few children along and had to go through too fast. Lovely place - better than any museum in New York City, IMAO.

she has the most fantastic doll museum. If you like the older dolls
it is like going to Germany. I miss my compo babies sometimes. I kept
my bisque dolls.

I bid on them…couldn’t resist
Although it was confusing and risky,I just HAD too
I figured if it turned out badly I had paypal to rescue me

Mamacat, was that you who won them? I hope that the deal is worth it.
I was leery because of no picture, and then she said “From being in a little girls arms to being in a glass case”, so my concern was the condition they might be in. Also, she didn’t mention sizes, Mei Mei could have been the minature. But, the price was still good if they were all in good condition and I hope the winner gets them all OK. Those are not going to fit in a large priority mail flat rate box though as I have some large flat rate boxes here and dolls do not fit into them.
I wonder if there won’t be issues now with the shipping, and I surely hope not.
Her feedback definitely is a red flag. Along with saying some of the money goes to charity. That is a thing to watch for, especially at this time of year.

No I didn’t win.I considered everything you stated.
There is NO WAY she is going to come out ahead with shipping.
I wasn’t too conserned with what shape they were in,I wanted them to reborn.Evidently she is new to selling and doesn’t know what she’s doing.
If I had won,I would have paid the shipping, AFTER ,I received the dolls

I bid on them too. no I didn’t win. wonder who did and how it will go.