LE and Long Sold Out Kits +more!

After years of being out of the hobby I’ve finally realized I’m never going to reborn again. These are most of the kits I have left.

I’ve done my best to price these kits reasonably, which was hard due to how hard to find some of them are and my years away from the craft. I sold a Jayden and a Bonnie Brown kit last year to someone whose email I can share with a prospective buyer so you know I’m trustworthy. And of course I’ll send pictures to the buyers of the actual kits, I’d just rather not drag them out until I have some interest.

All offers will be considered. Like I said, I wasn’t sure how to price some of the kits, so don’t be shy with making an offer. The more you buy, the better the deal as I’m tired of them taking up space!

Prices DO NOT include shipping. To make things as easy for myself as possible, I will be shipping in flat rate priority boxes. So as long as I can fit it all in the same box the shipping cost will be the same for multiple items.

Reborn Kits:

-Will Natalie Scholl (Belly

plate + COA included) $200

-Ryan Scholl ( belly plate )+ COA $200

-Sophia Madelina Bonnie Brown w/COA $300

-Jamie Olga Auer w/COA $300

-Sleeping Arianna Schick w/ body $100

-Adam Angela Harris $30

SOLD -Amelie Head (needs stripping) Joanna Gomes w/COA $10

-Martin and Kiely Annie Kielly $30/each

-SOLD Sugar Donna Rupert (pink w/limb caps) $30

-SOLD BB Teagan (pink with limb caps) $10

-SOLD BB Tayla (pink w/limb caps) $20

(Note: I’m about 90% sure I saved some preemie clothes that I will include with the Tayla and Teagan Kits)

SOLD -BB Ember (peach w/limb caps) $20

I also have a silicone 1/4 limb manufactured doll (I forget the name, it’s disassembled and the wig removed, partially rooted) as well that I don’t have pictures of handy. Closed eye, pouty lips. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, let me know and I’ll dig up a picture (or find the box it’s in!).



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You have anything still available?

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Most items still available!!

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Bumping topic because I’ve still got everything here. Do feel free to make offers (especially if you want more than one item), I won’t be insulted and the worst that can happen is I say no! Also, a medium flat rate priority box is $14.35 to ship and I’ll fit as much in as possible!

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Really interested in some of these especially tayla and Teagan (but it would be Thursday before I have the money, so if they sell before then, I’ll understand). do they come with the bodies? What does
(pink w/limb caps) mean? Thanks!

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Sorry I just saw this message. Teagan and Tayla have sold already. Pink is the color of the vinyl, I don’t know if that’s changed but it used to come in either pink or peach. The limb caps are the plastic parts you put on after filling the limbs, not sure if they still include those. Bodies are not included.

Ryan Scholl is he still available? $165 includes shipping in U.S.?
Btw that’s my offer. I would love to have him. Thanks for considering.
You can get me on messenger Melonie Stull. Have a great day!

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