LDC and Mohair

I know that it is recommended to wait a week before starting mohair on babies painted with LDC (air dry) paints. BUT - I don’t have a week to wait…SO…has anyone else ever started rooting before the recommended wait time (curing period)??

ihave never waited that long…i root pretty much rite after i get done with my painting…maybe like 4 hours…and I have never had a problem…

Hey Joanie!! I got your other message on EC - thanks for the help!! =)


Well thats good news because it was the only thing holding me back from trying the air dry paints!!!

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ihave never waited that long…i root pretty much rite after i get done with my painting…maybe like 4 hours…and I have never had a problem…

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Same here…I love the LDC paints!

Does anyone know if the LDC paints are similar to the Jo Sonja paints? I tho’t I’d read somewhere that these weren’t that much different from the other. What maks the LDC paints “air dry” so fast Thanks! Blessings,Connie

I found a good tutorial on the LDC Air Dry Paints at Doll Dreams that you may want to check out. It gives you all the information your looking for on this piticular type on paint. It is water based and very much like the acrylics paint only made for painting on vinyl. I’m thinking about trying it myself since it doesn’t have to be heat set. I have used reg acrylics for years with good results for my painting, but never have tried it on vinyl, I think this is just a never version for the painting on your vinyl.

i have used , b l o o m e r s and b o w s air dry paints, LDC and the real effects, They are all about the same,You have to add a medium to slow down the dryign time because they dry so fast…and it gives you time to work on the effects that you are trying to acheve,I think my favorite so far are the real effects paints from germany but they are hard to get and really expensive…but that being said, all 3 types basicly preformed about the same…and they do dry very fast…

Do you have the link to the real effects paints? I would love to check into those and prices. I am wondering if they are like the regular Acrylic paints that arts and craft stores carry in the bottle. I used those in Tole and Decorative painting for years and have scads of those still. They also have what is called an [Extender] that you add to them to extend the drying time while painting. I’m just wondering how similar these two paints are because I loved working with them, especially after they came out with extenders and blending mediums to add to them. I know they are only like $1.00 for the cheaper brands like Applebarrel to $2.98 for the Ceramcoat and $1.80 for the Folk Art brand. Once they are sealed there permanent. I have some Items that I painted over 25 years ago and they still looks just as good as the day I painted them. The paint does thicken over time, but it can be thinned with a little water mixed well and it’s good as new. : )

I love my LDC paints - they are great and super convenient. If I had to use Genesis - you would see me crying on the boards every week about cooking my babies to death! LOL

My hair stylist used to make porcelain babies and she fell in love with reborns when I showed her mine. I recommended the LDC paints to her but she chose to go with the regular acrylic paints from Hobby Lobby. I can’t say that it worked very well for her because she now has a very STICKY baby. The LDC paints dry smooth and silky!!

Thanks for the heads up! I would say that the kind in hobby lobby etc. are not compatable with the vinyl. They are great paints for the right products but evidently a no no , for out vinyl sculpts.