Layette swap discussion


I make homemade blankets for the TP box and I price them for what I would sell them for. Usualy the cost of materials times 2 with a little bit added for time.


I think that sounds good -I think simple as possible for first time is good - see how it goes and if something needs to be changed before the next one -I think the price range is a great too :slight_smile: -thanks for heading this up -I think it will be fun :slight_smile:


Halloween Theme!:wink:


Halloween theme would be sooooo fun! But I don’t think I can coordinate this quick enough for that. Halloween babies need to be presented well before Halloween if they are going up for sell


I agree. Maybe we could do a Christmas theme after this first one though.


We have the same style. It would be nice to do a theme based box and that might make it easier.


Make a lot of sense! That’s a good idea.


@Katinafleming I like the questionnaire that you proposed above. I like the 1 day-time out, 1 sleeper or onesie, 3 accessories, and a blanket. I also agree with the proposed price range.

It all sounds good to me. :slight_smile:


I agree with Ashley @Katinafleming just let us know when you are ready to take the next step.


I’m ready to get started! I’m going to shop at Carter’s, the local discount kid’s store and see what I find online.


I’m excited .Another excuse to shop for baby clothes


Sorry ladies. I’ve been on the road all day. And I’ll be on the road all day tomorrow too. We had to come to Colorado (from Texas) to help my daughter move back to Texas. (Yay!:tada:)
But by the end of the weekend I’ll try to get a list of rules and the questionnaire finalized so we can get started. I figure we can allow sign ups through the first half of the week. Then I can get everything assigned by the weekend. :blush:


Sounds great and happy travels! :slight_smile:


I ordered some things today for my swap partner. Hope they like it!


I have my box almost finished for my secret giftee, 1 more item to add and it’s all ready to ship…


I can’t decide. What is everyone else buying? Should I buy a lot of smaller items or a few nicer things?



Retail total of about $35-50.


Thank you! Now I can shop haha.


I am just about done!! And just as I was laying out my layette for a photo, I looked down at my phone to see the Carter’s “25-50% off sale all weekend, no exclusions” email. :neutral_face: Oh well! I think I got good prices regardless, honestly. It was so much fun to see everything come together slowly as I found pieces in different stores.


Oh wow it sucks when that happens. Carter’s!:drooling_face: