Layette swap discussion


Anne one box traveling around gets expensive. This way, one person sending one box to another person…probably all different, not paired off…you send to someone that person sends to someone else, a totally different person sends to you…shipping would be a small box with only one complete layout, making it only around $10 to ship. This opens the door for people who can’t afford the traveling box and also allows us to get everyone covered within a short amount of time. :slight_smile:


Got it, I wasn’t complaining that was what I thought you were doing, I like the exchange better!


Yeah I like the secret gifting idea. The shipping would be expensive quickly. Maybe we can have a theme each time? Vintage, holidays best, sporty (@anne) handmade?


Lots of good, sound ideas.


I have so many ideas… :slight_smile:


Ohhhhh - bought a blanket today to start building my layette upon lol !! I love buying baby things !! :heart::rofl:


Sounds interesting


I am not currently stocked up on those…I see a shopping trip in my very near future…tomorrow lol


Do we want to do a theme for this round? Or do we want to leave this first round open ended to see how it goes, then follow up with a Christmas theme or something?


I think that’s a good idea :slight_smile:


@Katinafleming sounds good to me! Open ended.


I’d like to leave it open for the first round, but will happily participate, whatever the group decides. :slight_smile:


On the questionnaire, can we specify clothing size? I have a 6-12 mo size kit on the way that would be fun for someone to shop for…


Or can we specify which kit we would like items for?


I want to go through my clothing and start picking out a box opening style set for someone but I might have to buy a pice or two to round it out. Would it be better to wait till after the questionnaire… going to do little shopping next few days so just thought I would check in and just see what you think…?


Now that’s a great idea Anne! So much easier to put together a vision if you know what baby it’s for.


You have no idea the amount of restraint I’m excersizing right now, waiting to see what the questionnaire saus before I start planning! :laughing:


So maybe I will just do a thorough going through so I at least know what I have that somebody might be the perfect match for later. It never hurts to do a little shopping, will benefit myself later if I do something else for the exchange…there, I talked myself right into buying some baby stuff :grin::baby:


Hehe! I love baby clothes. My youngest can still wear some of the babyish stuff and I have to stop myself. He’s 5 now and a big boy but slim and still my baby.


So…what questions do y’all want on the questionarre? Maybe we can all work together and get a questionnaire figured out this weekend. :slight_smile: