Layette swap discussion


Can we make a rule that all pieces must go together to avoid people just sticking whatever they have lying around in a box? I don’t want to sound snobby, but I just love it when everything goes together nicely. :slight_smile:




I’m all about Target. Anything besides Walmart and Dollar General require an hour drive to the big city of Lubbock for me. Target is a treat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Absolutely! I agree. It all needs to coordinate. If you want to throw some bonus junk in the box, so be it. But don’t do it at the expense of a matching layette.


I’m so excited just thinking about the possibilities!


I have a question…if I have outfits I picked up, adorable outfits, but am finding they just aren’t what I am wanting for my babies and I do the survey that I like something very different than I would actually put in the box, would that work?
Not sure if that made sense…


Are you saying you want something different than what you will put in the box? If so, to me that’s the whole point. I want something totally different than whatever I put in. I think we all have our “style.” I want the chance to experience someone else’s style for a change.


Maybe you can include a “What I’d love to find in my box” section and people could comment “Surprise me!” or “I usually pick traditional pinks and blues with a classic style, I’d love something completely different!”


I guess what I am saying is what I want won’t necessarily be what I give. If I am paired up with someone with the same likes as me that may be disappointing for them to get a completely different style… I want to stay within my style just someone’s version or taste in it. Just trying to think ahead to avoid any hiccups so trying to think and trouble shoot ahead of time


I guess that’s where the questionairres will come in handy. :slight_smile:


What about a budget, randomize who gets who and each person write a list of what they like?


It definitely sounds fun, I have tons of baby clothes!


Yes. You dont necessarily get from who you give to.


I sent you a message


Sounds like fun. I’m in


Love this idea.


I’d be interested too.


Sounds like a blast!


I’m in too but I am not picky, Walmart, 2nd hand, vintage, sporty, costumes, Christmas Macy’s Target etc… I am open! I prefer Thrift Store things that you don’t see around anymore we should be paired accordingly. I think their should be a limit.

@Katinafleming I thought you were going to send a box around with complete outfits that we exchange keeping the amount the same.


I would love to be in on this…especially homemade s5uff :slight_smile:
I’m in Canada, so hopefully I can pair up with another Canadian.