I have been reading a lot about the mottle layers. Some say they are using basic colors such as: Berry, blue, green, yellow, blue-green, yellow=green etc. I look at the babies and I don’t see mottle layers of these colors just basically the berry color with blue undertones and maybe a little yellow undertones. Are these layers just so pale as not to show up or what? If it is a case of them not showing up then why do we use them? Another thing—what colors of green, yellow etc. are we talking about, regular GHSP ( ie. genesis green, yellow etc.) not mixed with anything? This gets more confusing by the day. Help–I need more realism—how in Sam Hill do you get THERE??? (don’t laugh)

Here is a doll I’ve been working on recently. I think I probably used at least 6 mottle colours but possibly more. The thing about skin is that it’s not all one colour - it’s a combination of a number of colours. If you have a zoom function on your computer, you can see the variations more clearly when you start getting to the pixilated point. Try looking at a picture of a baby that you like, and zooming in on the skin. If you have a photo-editing programme like ‘Paint’ you should be able to use your pipette to click on specific areas of the picture to get a better idea of the colours that make up that skin tone. You may be surprised by some of the colours that show up.


Awesome skin tones you’ve got there!

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Gorgeous painting!!

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WOW her skin looks magnificent !! I can only believe what you are telling me cause I have absolutely NO idea what you said. I am OLD—Not computer literate in the least— so I’ll take your word for all of it and just try applying some colored layers and see what happens. You guys all make it sound so easy. I’ll keep trying and asking questions–thanks so very much for all your replies it is very nice to know that others are trying to help us newer reborners out.

By the way–I gather mottle layers are what is referred to as “skin tone” correct? Do you actually apply Flesh colors AFTER your mottle layers or do you apply flesh colors first? I have been applying flesh 08 in the very beginning after any neutralizing washes, correct or not?

@lynn it really just depends. Usually I neutralise, establish my base skin tone, mottle a little, blush a little, mottle a little more. If at this point I think it’s necessary, I may add another layer or two of flesh, or a wash of some kind. Really just depends on the skin tone I’m hoping to achieve in the end.

@babymamma and @kareninflorida thanks ladies!


@lynn I am using dose mottling layers. very thin is hard to see on pictures but in the very end gives a more realistic look. it would be nice if you could meet somebody who is an artist to and see her baby’s . pictures can"t reflect the reality . there is no pattern how to do it…you have to play around with the paints (thin layers…it is always easy to add more but taking away is a pain)


Thank you all so much, I’m gonna take the advice a give it a whirl.

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@dothehokeypokey - gorgeous coloring!

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Thanks, @pia! I think she’s come out well - hoping mommy agrees!

Beautiful, @dothehokeypokey!

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do you add thinning med and than thin it out to do mottling.
when I mottle its looks like its not there when it drys I use 1/2 tbs thinner and two brushs of paint and let it flash off then I blend it lightley when I bake you cant Harley tell it so I do it again what am I doing wrong

Thanks, all! @alicekay56, I use thinning medium as well and really it depends on the colour when it comes to how thick you want your paint to be. None of my layers are ever super vivid though. But it does all seem to come together in the end. Just keep layering your mottles until you get to a place where you’re satisfied (at least, that’s what I do).

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thank you dothehokeypokey I will try that