Lauscha/Lauschaer Eyes Showing

Hello again! I’m sorry I’m posting too much these days :smile: but I’ve been researching supplies for days and I didn’t choose which eyes to buy yet. I searched many times for Lauscha eyes pictures here but there isn’t a lot of it. So, if you have already used them, can you post pictures here? I want to have an ideia of how they look on the babies (or out of them) because I’m afraid it looks different in the photos on the website… does it?

(I’m thinking about Lauschaer because I’m going to order more items from the same store, but I could use other good glass eyes brand.)

Some of the eyes I liked the most:

image image image image


Wow love the eyes where did you find them ?

Just want to make sure they’re very similar to the pictures


Thank you they are beautiful

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Those are so gorgeous! Wow!

I like the eyes from They are not as busy in the iris, but are still very realistic… For some reason, the irises on these remind me of Ramen noodles.


lol it does, indeed. I also think it’s too much on the iris! That’s why I’d like to see pictures from buyers, because maybe it doesn’t look that fake.
About Dolls By Sandie, what kind of eyes did you recommend? Because the most realistic they have appear to be the Lauscha ones, and they’re twice more expensive…

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Those are the ones that I use in my higher end babies. I also like the Eyeco polyglass. They look just as good once Pledged

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Would you have any pictures of your babies with Lauschaer eyes?

They are very nice in person. This baby has the brown ones but they are hard to photograph the detail.

This one has blue gray ones

Dark brown

dark newborn