Latest closeouts at Bountiful Baby

For the first time, we have marked a few of our Realborn kits for closeout. Including those, there are currently 102 kits slated for closeout that are still in stock, and 72 other closeout items (174 closeout items total).

28 kits have now been sold out and discontinued since 6/25/22. Below is our record:

297 kits in catalog 6/25/22
288 kits in catalog 6/29/22
282 kits in catalog 7/1/22
279 kits in catalog 7/3/22
276 kits in catalog 7/4/22
269 kits in catalog 7/5/22

We are also closing out all of our doll body joints, as well as our fabric.

You can see all of our closeout items on our home page:

Come get the closeout items while you still can!

Nevin Pratt, CEO

So wait… your discontinuing Courtney? Already? I never even had a chance to get her cause she was sold out :flushed:

Some of these kits are good sellers or haven’t even had a chance to be good sellers cause they’ve been sold out since they were released due to limited quantities :pleading_face:

My goal has been to paint one of each Realborn and I felt safe that I could get them :disappointed:


Here’s to hoping Sunny doesn’t make the list! Was really needing to wait until August before ordering her but the way the kits are being put on the discontinued list I’m kinda scared to wait lol. She’s one i absolutely do not want to miss out on.

Cozy is on the discontinue list. :open_mouth:

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So is Libby :disappointed:

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I think they are going to focus on Realborns and Silicones going forward and they don’t want to carry so much inventory. To Bad, they were a life saver for so many of us. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they see this whole industry going downhill and they don’t want to have so much money tied up in it. You know, sell out while the gettin’s still good. I hope I’m wrong. (JMO)


I’m so glad I grabbed a cozy earlier this year bc I can’t afford to take part in any of these sales :pensive: now I’m just staring at kits leaving like oh well.

Wow so many on the discontinued page… favorites like Shyann and even some kits that were announced and haven’t been released

Im hoping this is some kind of mistake @bountifulbaby say it isn’t true

Might be time to find a new hobby :disappointed:



London, Michelle, savannah, scarlet, and spice are the ones I wanted to paint. Savannah was my first try at painting so I really just wanted a redo.


It’s currently not showing any kits for me. I wonder if it was a mistake?

They all show for me…

Oh, they do show for me now. Definitely one mistake in there, they discontinued Max twice…
But that’s insane how much are gone. Some I don’t even recognize. Sonnet? Was that one ever even released?


Exactly what I was thinking and hoping

I think there are only two artist kits that aren’t there


and sandy who is an LE so no need to discontinue

So sad to see so many of these discontinued. I feel like I am losing a piece of my life.:cry:


Our world is changing so fast! I need a rope!


Shyann was one of my best sellers. I think I made 8 in one year. I still have two kits left, but she was one I was waiting come back in stock. Such a bummer.


Yes, Shyann is such a cutie!

I’m really going to miss Gracie and Jewel. I am a sucker for their forehead wrinkles. I’m debating whether I should grab Nikolas while he’s still available.

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Shyan is the ALL TIME BEST SELLER for BB… I am surprised the kit is being discontinued….


I agree. Shyann was out of stock a lot! I’m lucky that I managed to get one. She’s biracial, but I like my babies a bit on the darker side so that suits me to the ground.


I understand some of them. Like, Hailey and Juan, I haven’t seen anyone make those in ages. But Shyann? She’s super popular. Her only downside are her small limbs.
If they brought her back with slightly bigger limbs I’d buy multiple.