Last baby before doll show (K mart Berenguer)


This will be my last baby before my Doll Show on Saturday. It’s a K mart Berenguer. I haven’t named him yet. What do you think would be a good name for him?


He’s a cutie. I’m thinking he looks like a Tanner, Tyler, or James.


How adorable! I think he looks like a Trevor.


Very cute…looks like a Benjamin!





Very cute! Looks like a Ryan to me.


Daddy’s little man


Very cute little guy! Looks like a Trevor to me.


He’s a cutie, How about Tyler.

     HUgs Tina


I can’t wait! I will be there Saturday but will not be in the actual show. I might bring my toddler arianna too, that way we can see each others babies in person! That will be so much fun. =]


Hayley, please do bring her to the show. I look forward to meeting you. I think my booth numbr is 31 I have a corner spot. Little Foot nursery.


Soooo sweet!


He is so cute–all boy! I think the name “Jake” fits him well.



He’s precious! The name Danny comes to mind!


I am just loving this little guy! I’m a sucker for that face! I see Shane!