Larger doll

Would anyone know of a larger kit-22-23"- and open eyed? I’m needing one for a custom. Thanks for any help I can get. Blessings~

i think the new trinity by Dawn Donofrio is about 22 to 23 inches

Look under kit’s for sale, SuzieQ1945 Has this kit:

Next i have is Zachary. Zachary was a limited addition of 141/300 he is a Brenda Smith sculpt. He has long been sold out!! And he is a big chunky baby! 22 to 24" depending on the body used. He/she has 3/4 arms and full legs. I am asking $39.00 for her/him + shipping.

He is a big opened eye’d kit. Good price too

I just bought two Aspen Rose who are supposed to be just about 24 inches when done. I am almost done painting one of them and she is quit a bit bigger then the Jaden I am also working on. She had them on sale for 40 dollars a couple weeks ago.If you are interested pm me and I will give you her email. Then you can see if she has any left.

Riley…on BB

Thanks ya’ll. I have a lot to choose from. I already have a Maya. I didn’t realize she was that big! Hmmm. Thanks for all the help. Blessings~