Lara's class's and my uncontained excitement!

I am sooooo excited. I got in on two of Lara’s classes. The Winter and the Spring class… I ordered Lulu for Spring as an Asian, and Audrey because my mothers name was Audrey and she actually looks like Mom would have looked as a baby. Freaky…Mom has been gone for many years but it would be nice to have her around again, especially silent. LOL! Mom was a hoot in so many ways. A big pain in others. Being a perfect mother myself, I would never causee my grown children any distress…not! Anyway one tries. Don’t worry BB I am orderig everything I need in the way of supplies from my favorite company…you! Just could not contain my excitement. Woo Hoo!! Zippitty DOOO!

My work computer doesn’t allow my siggy babies picture so just imagine really cute babies here and I’ll try to live up to your expectations. LOL

Your excitement is contagious, can’t wait to see how they turn out, once your done be sure to post lots of pics for us

I can’t wait to see your babies…bet they are gonna be gorgeous…when I can get the extra money I’m gonna take Lara’s class…I hear she is an awesome instructor and the ladies who take her classes and post pics have gorgeous babies…lol

and I wanna take Fab and Cindy’s AA classes too…at …they’re only completed one class so far, but the babies are TDF…and the second class, which is Moby is about to start on Nov. 7th

I think that even if you have been a reborner for a long time (which I haven’t) that you can still learn new and easier and different things from someone else

good luck and be sure to post pics

hey hey I’m a Carolyn too!

i am also getting so excited about the classes!!! i have been reborning for along time… there is always more to learn. i am a odd ball though i picked rose to do so i wont be in the contest but that is fine with me. i wanted to do the noe classes but couldnt now that my husband has gotten a job again i can take the classes. i am sooo happy.

Hi Carolyn and Karen, I am also taking another of Lara’s classes. I think she does a great job with her classes and you won’t be disapointed. I will be doing “Audrey”, or one of the two by S. Bos. Can’t make up my mind yet on that, but it will be fun! See you there ladies.