Landon is a bit grumpy about being awakened LOL


Here’s my little chunk :blue_heart:


Beautiful!!! :heart:


Amazing work! I love this chunky little squish. He is so snuggly looking (even with that grumpy little look)


His outfit even agrees he sure is cute!! :heart_eyes:


Aww he is so sweet!!!


He is gorgeous! He’s on my to-do list, also :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! :heart:


Landon does have a grumpy little face, even more so with his eyes open. He’s so sweet, you make such beautiful babies!


He’s a cute little grumper.


He’s adorable!! I don’t think he looks grumpy. Just neutral. lol


Beautiful!! He is a cute little grumpus!! :heart_eyes:


Thank you all so much for your kind comments! :heart:


He’s beautiful!! But he looks mad, like he’s going to punch someone lol. :rofl::sweat_smile:


He is so cute, I can’t wait to paint mine too!


I’m just getting Lavender’s skin tone painted…so just beginning but can’t wait to see how cute she’s going to turn out. It’s amazing how much Landon and Lavender look alike. :heart_eyes: I bought special outfits for her today :slight_smile:


Handsome chunk he is. Nice work, Karen!


Love him! :heart_eyes:


awww, love him!!!


Thanks so much, everyone! :heart: