Landon Awake's Eyes

I’m working on Landon Awake, and when I put eyes in him, it felt like they sunk down into something to be seated and I won’t be able to make his gaze offset.

Did others find this?


I am using a bit larger 1/2 round, 21 mm. They fit kind of snug. What style are you using?


I wait until the head has been heated and then push the eyes over while the vinyl is warm. It makes it much easier.

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20 mm

I cut eye pockets and put eyes in through the back. I use a size up no problemo. The gaze is hard to change on some of these babies especially if you want a side glance. I can’t tell you how many times I nailed it only for one eye to drift off when I leave it to dry.

I have purchased this tool and the wax. This is Hunnybuns, but I am sure there are other places to get it. I have not had a chance to try it yet.


I bought one of the eye things for contacts but have not tried it yet, lol. As a matter of fact I have the find that tiny thing.

:slight_smile: I hope you find it.

I bought that but I don’t understand how it works…its never worked for me even with the blown glass eyes.