Landon 2 :) new photo last pic before he's together hair finished


Work in progress on Landon 2


How Cute, Looks like he is thinking hard too me. So cute :slight_smile:


He is lovely. I am waiting for my Landon to arrive, can’t wait start him.


Beautiful :slight_smile:

My first Landon is all washed up and waiting for me. I just need to get over this stupid infection I have so I can have enough energy to paint him. I ended up buying another kit on the Halloween sale so I will have a second as well :slight_smile:


Aww he is too adorable
I love him!
I’m working on Landon now too
I really like him a lot
He is so unique


Another cutie! I’m working on a Landon too!


He’s beautiful. Landon’s on my wish list but not happening right now. That romper is adorable and fits him perfectly. Can I ask where you got it?


The romper i got 2nd hand through our local trading site, so I don’t know how old it is but the brand is NOW. In the picture the romper is just filled with polyfil and the head and limbs just posed in it.

Landon 2 was supposed to be mine, but someone wants that one too, so last night I ordered Landon 3 and that one will be mine for sure hehe I’m keeping the romper for my one.


He’s all but finished, the glues drying atm, and just have some tidy up to do, he hasn’t had his hair cut yet either.