Land of Oz


Aww thank you! It was a blast!


Yes, and she was so Cool! My daughter told her she better be nice to all the Dorothy because we have bottles of water and she would splash her! Lol, she’s sassy!


WOw that is so awesome!


Beyond anything I could’ve imagined!


Oh how amazing!!! I’m totally jealous!!!


I live in NC and have never heard of this!!! How awesome.


It was!


My aunt found it on a website called only in your state. She had never heard of it either until then.


Wow!! What a memorable trip!! It must have been a dream come true for your daughter. :blush:


It was! I think I was even more excited lol


It’s still open? I went there 40 years ago, literally. Then I Begged my dad to build me the witches castle from that place. I’m Still waiting for it! :wink: I remember loving it


Oh how awesome was that !! Your daughter is adorable!! I ll have to remember this for future granddaughter activity lol - memories that will last a lifetime :heart_eyes:


It’s open every Friday in June and then one weekend in September. That’s awesome!


Thank You! Yes, you should it’s amazing!


When I was a child,many moons ago,the land of OZ was an awesome place.When it was an actual theme park,it had a house with witch feet sticking out from under it.You went in the house and watched on a screen as the house was pitched around.The Balloon was a balloon chair lift that you could ride.I think I was about 8 when we went which means that was 50 years ago and it was fabulous.I wish they would completely restore it back to the way it was.


That is still how it was, I just didn’t post all the pictures. It was beautiful, they said all the profits from the shows they do open for go back into restoring the park. Wasn’t it just a magical place, I just loved it. I want to go every year.


This is my favorite picture because of the look on Landreys face!


She must have loved it.So sad that it is not open all the time.I remember at one time reading a news story that they were vandalized and stuff stolen.People just have no respect anymore.


Yes, she did! Me too :grin:. People apparently break in all the time, it’s crazy. They have a pair of the original ruby slippers there so they are super valuable. I loved that place and will probably try and go every year.