Land of Oz


Went on a girls trip with my daughter, and 2 aunt’s. My daughter got a very early birthday gift to play with and feed a baby lion named princess Penelope and we went to the land of oz in NC. It was the most magical place. I have always loved the movie and was weirdly emotional watching my daughter navigate oz.



Amazing photos I am jealous :heart:


Thank you, it was so much fun!


I want to go too! Just seeing the pics, I should. My daughter is animal obsessed and would be thrilled to feed one from a bottle.

What else is in there? Anything interesting?


The zoo was at a separate place then the land of oz. The zoo was called zootastic in lake Norman or troutman NC. This was an animal encounter my aunt paid for her. But land of Oz only does this event with all the characters this weekend once a year. You go through the whole movie with the characters. It was absolutely magical. So unique. In June they do one where it is only Dorothy and the guest fill in and play the other characters by reading off script. It was definitely a childhood dream come true, and watching it all through my daughter’s eyes was something else.


Oh and land of oz is at the top of Beech mountain NC


I love it. I didn’t even know that this place existed. Thank you for sharing s we are true lovers of the movie. Happy birthday :birthday: to your daughter, and what a beautiful princess she is!


I have never heard of this! Oh my gosh, what a fun trip! Your daughter is adorable. I’d LOVE to visit Oz!


That is amazing!!! Why do I think that place closed several years ago?


I would love to do this for my granddaughter. What a terrific experience that she will never forget.


I’ve always been intrigued by this place. Sad that they only do it once a year now.


The land of Oz looks lovely! I’m jealous!


Omg how awesome is that!! I’d love it!! Such a wonderful mommy you are to give her such an amazing experience!!


That is awrsome!!! I want to go!!! Was the wicked witch there???


Yes, me too my favorite! It was truly amazing! Thank you!


Thank You! It was so much fun!


We were saying they should have it open all year round because it sells out very quickly every year.


Yes, you should it was really memorable! I felt like a kid!


I know! My aunt lives there and I didn’t realize there even was such a place. It was so cool!


Oh it was!