Laila Asleep Realborn (my version)


I thought she was a really sweet little girl, I would make this kit again. I absolutely LOVED the Hands and Feet.
I hope you like my version of Laila :heart:
She’s going for sale today- wish us luck!
Thanks for looking!


She is so precious and sweet looking! Nice job!


I just love those skin tones!! So very newborn! She looks like she’s really laying there asleep awwww! Great Job @katieperry and I also love that hair bow!


Thank you so so much!!!


Darling baby and gorgeous done hair .


She’s adorable. Will sell quickly!! I loved the hands and feet on this one too.


Congrats on your sale!!


Thank you so so much!! I can’t believe she sold so quickly


BEAUTIFUL, Katie, and WOW!!! Congratulations on her super duper fast sale!!! :heart:


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!! I cannot believe she sold as soon as I posted her.
I bought her the evening she came out I loved her!


She’s beautiful - congrats!


She is absolutely darling!! Congratulations on her sale!


She’s so beautiful!!! Congrats on the sale :star2:


so beautiful baby :heart_eyes: