Ladybug Toddler

Is it okay to use a Doris wig on Ladybug and have her look older than the 9month kit? Customer wants thick hair that is a little longer so she can do different styles with it.

Will Ladybug look okay? Or unrealistic? I told her I would trim it and thin it some.


I have never used a wig, maybe someone is familiar with it.

I think it would be cute. The one in the gallery photo has a similar style to the Doris wig. That one is hand rooted, however. Bit you can see what the style would look like.

I’ve got a blonde Ladybug here with the Doris wig; looks cute!

Got a picture, Karen?


I would have liked to use a Jessica wig, but my customer doesn’t want any curls .

I was looking for something straight and found the Doris wig - just that it is really full. I will have to cut it a bit (although she wants it on the long side) and thin it a bit, too.


She’s not dressed yet, Judy…but the Doris wig looks great on her.

Can’t wait to see yours, Karen. When I get this one done with the dark brown hair, I’ll post. She also wants freckles (that will be a first for me). Oh yeah and earrings, too.


Sounds like she’s gonna be ADORABLE, Judy…can’t wait to see her!!!

It would be fine for her. I love the bigger wigs on them with the thicker hair

When I did Kendall with long hair, I was surprized to see that she actually looked great. Maybe more like a toddler which I know isn’t perfect scale but I loved it! If your customer is happy with the baby’s hair and looks, maybe she can get beyond the slight difference in scale and go with longer or even fuller hair.