Lacey's listing


Hi Ladies
Here is Lacey’s listing, hope you will like her. Love DulcieX … :MESELX:IT


She is amazing. Very beautiful.


She is wonderful. Your pictures are gorgeous as well.


Love the paint job .beautiful baby


wow beautiful baby. Love her hair. Bol on her auction although you wont need it.

   Hugs tina


Beautiful! i love your painted hair!



I love your work. Very beautiful baby.


Your baby is absolutely gorgeous! And I am not even a fan of painted hair! That outfit is to die for, but your artistic ability in bringing this little “girl to life” is amazing. Congratulations and I hope she sells well!


wow!!! she is fantastic, super sweet, very beautiful and so so real!!!super well done!!!
Good luck with your auction!!!


Thanks so much ladies.


That baby is so beautiful!! I love all of your work. The dress is beautiful too.Good luck, wish I could bid on her.


Thank you Janine.X