Labor Day Sale - ALL Kits AND Bodies 40%! Monday ONLY!

Our Labor Day Sale is: ALL Kits AND Bodies - 40% OFF!

Many of our kits and bodies typically never go on sale, but with this sale, ALL are on sale!

Our Labor Day Sale is meant to be Monday only, but I am starting it just a few hours early.

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


@bbsupport I was planning to get the 1/4 Emmy body and kit, but it looks like the body isn’t on sale. Are you guys doing them like one section at a time?

Edit:thank you for the sale

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This is the only only only thing I’m able to get right now

And of course

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You caught it before the system could update the prices. They are all updated now.


Thank you!,

Sameeee. I want to buy the June kit, but I want the body at the same time.